Bolt Promo Code for 10 € for the first trip

In Cyprus works BOLT Taxi. The company is large and operates in more than 30 countries. No different from UBER, the functionality is very similar.

Promo code for 10 € for the first trip (more than 700 rubles):  4Z749 (the promo code is activated when you click)

This is what the download coupon looks like

promo Code in the app

this is How the promo code looks in the app

What cars are in the taxi? (photo)

Cyprus taxi Photo - Bolt

This is what A Cyprus taxi looks like. Black Mercedes E-class.

Taxi rates in Cyprus

Short distances cost about 5 euros. Prices are cheap when compared to Europe.

If you go to the other end of the city, then about 10 euros (the first trip is covered by a promotional code)

Why is it better to use BOLT in Cyprus?

What you need to be prepared for here is terrible maps. Google Map stably shitty, Yandex Cyprus is not interesting, but because there are only 2Gis and Maps.me. Against the background of the local ugliness with addresses and weak digitization of buildings, Bolt works smartly and adequately find the desired item. Sometimes you can not even drive the address of the house, and the institution and it is likely that the application will find it.

What does the app look like?


If you need a taxi for Cyprus, the Bolt is the best option. Enter the promotional code in the app, or download the link 4Z749 .

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